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Bluebell Railway (underframe only) body scrapped Mayer Parry 7/98. Underframe scrapped at Bluebell Railway by late 2015.
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Bluebell Railway


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Bluebell Railway - Horsted Keynes** *** ****Dennis Graham
Bluebell Railway** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
Bluebell Railway** *** ****Charles Best
Bluebell Railway** *** ****Kevin Stroud
Bluebell Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
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  • TDS 70159

    10 February 2009 - Martin Allen

    This coach was formerly S 3680, a Maunsell BTK coach built 1929 to dia. 2105. To DS 27-10-62. In Departmental service, it was in the Tunbridge Wells West (top secret) Control Train. Withdrawn 12-10-90.

  • 18 January 2017 - Charlie Living

    According to VCT the under frame has been scrapped as well.