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Scrapped - Bird, Long Marston 5/81


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Healey Mills** *** ****Stephen Kinsey

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  • DS 70206

    29 December 2009 - Chris Willis

    Is this Southern Railway 1336 now restored on the Bluebell Railway?



  • DS 70206

    29 December 2009 - Bill McTavish

    if only this website had a search button inth top right hand corner eh? :-P

  • DS 70206

    31 December 2009 - Martin Allen

    Hi Chris, this coach was a Maunsell Third Open, previous number S 1319. It had been a mobile office for the C&W "Work Study" department (aka "time and motion" pay incentive scheme).

    I don't know what became of the coach, South Lambeth was the place that most of the unloved departmentals went to, so that scrap contractors could view them when the tender invitations were issued. Therefore, the omens were not good.

  • 8 March 2021 - Stephen Kinsey

    This coach had the ominous 'COND' painted in its body when I saw it in Healey Mills Yard in 1988.

  • 8 March 2021 - Stephen Kinsey

    Just re-read the details above, it was scrapped in 1981, so not sure how I saw it in 1988, but on checking my notes I did definately write down ESDS 70206.