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From Eastleigh works to Mid Hants Railway c. 2003 for use as steam tender. Body dismantled
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Mid Hants Railway
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Mid Hants Railway - Ropley** *** ****Gerry Desmond
Mid Hants Railway - Ropley** *** ****Peter Wreford
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  • 861

    18 December 2011 - Ben Williams

    A vehicle I often get asked about! 861 was apparently on a plate. It went to Mid Hants Railway in 2003 I think (?) and I believe it is now a steam loco tender? Again, any more news on its history or present state would be welcome...

  • 861

    18 December 2011 - Christopher Willis

    Hi Ben:

    Yes this vehicle has been de-converted to a stem tender again. Evidence has shown that this ran with LSWR S15 510 before ending up behind an N15.

    Happily it will be running behind Urie S15 30506 with a new tender tank in less than a couple of years time.

    Kindest regards

    Chris Willis:

  • 861

    25 January 2012 - justin edwards

    Following information is from the Urie Locomotive website

    Chassis is from Maunsell 5000 gallon bogie tender number 3214. Arrivied at the Mid Hants Railway in 2004. A new tank has been constructed and fitted to return it to use as a steam locomotive tender. The last report on the website about this work is dated Feb 2011.

    The information above is drawn from archived reports on the Urie Loco website dated June 2008 and Jan 2009.

  • 861

    19 March 2016 - Keith Gunner

    See notes under "861 - Diesel engine test vehicle".

  • 3 November 2018 - Gerry Desmond

    12/03/05 Underframe only for conversion to loco tender