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Moved to East Somerset Railway ?/12
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East Somerset Railway
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Ferry Motor Car Vans


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East Somerset Railway - Cranmore** *** ****Peter Wreford
East Somerset Railway** *** ****Vince
East Somerset Railway** *** ****Hez, G Goswell
East Somerset Railway - Cranmore** *** ****Mr Trevor Clements
East Somerset Railway2015-08-22Vince
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  • 889017

    13 April 2008 - David Deadman

    This van has been outside the old Stewarts Lane Electric Locomotive Shed for two to three years now where the steam locomotives are now prepared prior to working the VSOE. It can be viewed easily on the left when travelling by train on the 'Up Stewarts Lane Line' and looks in quite good condition.

  • 889017

    6 June 2008 - mark chaldecott

    Did this van have a No. prior to 889017? if so could it be mentioned in the text of the photo?

  • 889017

    6 June 2008 - Simon Bendall

    No, built as B889017, numbered in the BR wagon series

  • 889017

    7 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    Didnt some carry long international style numbers? I know this has been discussed before but I cant find the relevant photo comments!

  • 889017

    7 June 2008 - Bob Wallace

    889017 was to International design E211 later VIE211

    RIV number was 21.2199.017-1 applied 10/1966, later 21.2395.017-?

    this was changed back to its BR number 12/1981

    was a RBX barrier in the revenue fleet then to Departmental use as a ZXX

  • 29 December 2014 - Ben Williams

    Now at East Somerset Railway.