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Allocated DB971000 but not carried. Moved to Peak Rail, Rowsley for storage 3/21

Vehicles no longer in departmental use
971xxx series


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Peak Rail - Rowsley** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Peak Rail - Rowsley** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Derby RTC** *** ****Darren Pegg
Derby RTC** *** ****Brian Stanway
Derby RTC** *** ****Roger Beattie
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  • 92114

    15 February 2010 - Ben Williams

    This was always intended to be numbered into the new series as ADB971000 but never carried. However a van carrying ADB971002 has now been noted at Warrington with 975464 & 975486. Anyone know any more please? Does this mean we also have an ADB971001 somewhere? And what has happened to 977998 & 977999?!

  • 92114

    17 February 2010 - Ben Williams

    971002 is reported to be ex GUV 94190. Now in all over yellow too and parked in Warrington Arpley.

  • 92114

    18 February 2010 - Andy Cleaver

    I can confirm ADB971002 is on Warrington Yard in the headshunt next to 56018 (as of 17 Feb). It is definitely an ex GUV with roller shutter doors and there are 2 other ex works yellow vehicles with it both appear to be ex NPCSS vehicles (the middle one probably an ex 944xx van). Unable to ID numbers of the other 2 but could be 971000, 001?

  • 92114

    20 February 2010 - Mick Bryan

    I think the other two vehicles are as reported in an above comment. 975464 & 975486. I've seen a couple of phots of the three - whilst not clear, it does appear that the other two vehicles have similar sides to 975464/486, which had recently been at Wigan Springs Branch..

    Destined to be either Bescot or Margam breakdown train.

    There may be another breakdown formation being put together for SP - maybe this could have 971001?

  • 92114

    21 February 2010 - Dave Birchall

    The two coaches concerned are indeed 975464 and 486.

  • 21 October 2015 - Greg Hartle

    Currently located in the storage sidings, visible from London Rd...

  • 8 April 2021 - Brian Cuttell

    Moved to Rowsley 4/21 for storage. Please note that the Peak Rail site is currently closed to the public. The van was identified from the public footpath near the river.