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86944 / 93944
With WCRC at Carnforth - no longer used as barrier vehicle
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WCRC Carnforth
Vehicles no longer in departmental use
Barrier & Translator vehicles


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Carnforth WCRC** *** **** Greg Hartle
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Kev Adlam
Crewe LNWR** *** ****John Hall
Crewe LNWR** *** ****Ben Williams
Crewe LNWR** *** ****John Hall
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  • 96182 detail

    11 October 2005 - Greg Sherlock

    Seems that this "barrier vehicle" only has a kit-form Dellner coupler attached to its coupling hook. Although it seems odd that a purpose-made coupler wasn't attached to the van in lieu of its buckeye, I suppose in hindsight the conversion would soon have been rendered a waste following the Dellner conversions to the class 57/3s. Rather than attaching the (usually) class 47 straight to the class 390, I think two GUVs (or BGs were sometimes used) were left at either end to aid running round; dismantling the kit-form Dellner from one end of the 47 only to put it at the other, and repeating it 53 times for each Pendolino set would have been annoying!

  • 96182 detail

    24 March 2006 - Jo Coultas

    The GUV vans were also used as "hand brakes" as the F/liner crew's were not able to operate the parking brakes on the uncommisioned trains