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Derby RTC** *** ****Dennis Graham
Derby RTC** *** ****Terry Pearce
Derby RTC** *** ****Neil Brown
Derby RTC** *** ****Terry Pearce
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  • 97301

    26 January 2008 - Ben Williams

    First of four conversions for NR happening at Barrow Hill for the Cambrian Line ERTMS project.

    I'm not entirely sure yet how these locos are going to be used but for more general info on ERTMS click here

  • 97301

    26 January 2008 - SD0853

    Apparently they will be used to pilot and haul loco hauled trains over the Cambrian, as for the trial period of ERTMS these loco's will be the only one's fitted with the in-cab signalling system (i.e. they are the only loco's compatable with the lines signalling system)

  • 97301

    28 January 2008 - Greg Sherlock

    A nice nod to the past - the class 97 returns! Obviously 37901 can't be used. Wonder what a 37 would've looked like in Research red & blue? Or even the later livery carried by 97204 / 31970?

  • 97301

    28 January 2008 - Robert Chilton

    Great idea, have put it to Owen at so you never know!

    The one above looks like a fictitious livery already!

  • 97301

    29 January 2008 - Peter Cummings

    Anything would be better than wall-to-wall yellow. I'm in no hurry to seee these at all.

  • 97301

    29 January 2008 - Ben Williams

    Hmm there is a lot of yellow there - two very different shades though! ;)

  • 97301

    29 January 2008 - kev

    there is a solution - offer an enterprising initiative paint scheme and they may take it up - personally the all over yellow is refreshing bright & visible

  • 97301

    29 January 2008 - SD0853

    The two shades of Yellow are part of the paint spec because the bodyside yellow isn't "BR Warning Panel Yellow". All of NWR's trains have this colour yellow warning panel to comply with RGS regs.

  • 97301

    29 January 2008 - Ben Williams

    I wasn't suggesting it was a mistake - just something I'd not noticed earlier... I guess it would look really odd if it was the same yellow all over anyway!

  • 97301

    30 January 2008 - ian saunders

    how long are these locos expected to be used for, is this going to be the last gasp for the 37s like the class 40s and 45s back in the 1980s

  • 97301

    30 January 2008 - SD0853

    Apparently around 10 years if not slightly more according to the contracts for supply, maintenance and overhaul of these loco's.

  • 97301

    24 January 2009 - John Lloyd,

    Having seen two of the Class 97 locomotives in operation during this week Monday January the 19th to Thursday January the 22nd 2009 can report that the

    yellow paint finish is most acceptable to myself and others . The colour also shows up well on the dektop also in prints .