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BR DMU 50416
Moved to Llangollen Railway 11/03
Preservation location:
Llangollen Railway
Preserved vehicles
975xxx series


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** *** ****Michael Simpson
Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin** *** ****Trevor Clements
Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin** *** ****Peter Wreford
Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin** *** ****Andy Basford
East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Neil Brown
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  • 975005

    22 February 2008 - Carl Atkins

    Could this claim to be the first 'company train' in the same way that EWS now have the silver 67 and maroon Mk3 rake.

    Also was there another set, possibly a Gloucester unit, painted pale blue in the mid-eighties that carried the name stourton saloon. I feel sure that I have a ropey picture of it in a bay at Lincoln Central about the mid-eighties.

  • 975005

    23 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    There was another set - 975637 & 975664 but I dont know much about it - was Stourton where it was based? can anyone elaborate please?

    Malcolm caught this on his camera too! His photo here

    And some more detail shots of 975637 here

    and 975664 here

  • 975005

    21 March 2017 - Steve Jordan

    Both this vehicle and 975006 were condemned at Stourton C&W 04/80 and sold on in 02/82. The VCT website has them both preserved at Chasewater in 1981, which may well be true with official records not being updated promptly. However sightings at York in 1983 and RTC in 1985 are interesting as they were supposed to be at Chasewater, can anyone shed any light on this?