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BR coach 9214
Bodmin & Wenford Railway
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Bodmin & Wenford Railway
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975xxx series


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Bodmin & Wenford Railway - Bodmin General** *** ****Steve King
Bodmin & Wenford Railway** *** ****Ben Williams
Bodmin & Wenford Railway - Bodmin General** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Bodmin & Wenford Railway2019-04-20Mick House
Bodmin & Wenford Railway2018-05-05Paul M A Tisserant
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  • 975033

    19 September 2015 - Jon Horswell

    The marker lights and window seem an unusual addition. Does anyone no anymore about this modification?

    Now repainted dark green and branded 'BODMIN & WENFORD RAILWAY PERMENANT WAY DEPT.' it has had a fair amount of body work carried out and its livery can be described as 'patchy' at best though 'shabby' would seem more appropriate.

  • 975033

    21 September 2015 - Antony Stubbings

    It as had a modification to enable the guard to stop the train when leading on its return journeys on single track in an emergency it not a full DBSO. specification

  • 975033

    21 September 2015 - Jon Horswell

    A very basic form of driving cab then? Thanks for that.

  • 975033

    21 September 2015 - Peter Anthony Cummings

    Back last century sometime, there was a similar vehicle at County School in Norfolk, so maybe now at Dereham. Run round wasn't possible at the northern end of their line, and Jon has summed it up nicely.

    Can't find the pic right now (no change there then) and can't remember if it was in NSE livery or not.

  • 975033

    10 June 2022 - Jon Horswell

    With its yellow end, small window and head/tail light combo, has this been used for propelling in the past?