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BR coach 24982
Scrapped - York Leeman Road on site by Ron Hull, Rotherham 10/09


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York Leeman Road** *** ****Brian Stanway
York Leeman Road** *** ****kenneth spence
York Leeman Road** *** ****Ben Williams
York** *** ****Scott Spencer
York Leeman Road** *** ****Ben Williams
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  • 975379

    20 June 2004 - Nick Dempsey

    i am very pleased to see this coach because i have never had a real look at it. It has facinated me all the times i have passed over the bridge and wondered to my self 'i wonder what thats doing there and what its for' well know i have part of the answer 'that it is a staff coach, But i really want to know its history and when it was stabled there o...i nearly forgot i would like to know the connected vans purpose. anyway Thanks for reading this and please help with any information on the vehicle or york yard north, hey, i may even consider moddeling it.

    Thanks Nick

  • 975379

    8 October 2009 - Ben Williams

    Not present today - assumed cut recently with stored plant items unless anyone knows different!

  • 975379

    3 December 2013 - Brian Reginald Storey

    Was CE staff & dormitory Coach DB975379 had a Green livery with yellow doors I can Remember DB975379 at Knottingley in the 1970's & 80's

  • 975379

    3 December 2013 - Ben Williams

    Interesting. Was the yellow door thing a Knottingley trademark? See photo of DE321107.

  • 975379

    3 December 2013 - Peter Anthony Cummings

    If anything, I'd have thought a regional trademark - or at least a York one.

    I can quote it on at least 8 other vehicles. 320888, 320907, 320966, 321048, 321049, 975798, 975801, 975802.

    So I imagine there are others too.

  • 975379

    6 September 2015 - Brian Reginald Storey

    Did ER RCE Staff & Dormitory Coach DB975379 work with any Ballast Cleaners

  • 975379

    7 September 2015 - Peter Anthony Cummings

    It is shown in the LRWS 1988 booklet Crane Runners as running with 76311. And I believe the van poking in at the right is 783864.

    This van replaced 12T van 765011 in the formation, the replaced van going to IU at Leyton.

    76311 and 76320 were both also present at the time the pic was taken.

  • 20 April 2021 - Steve Jordan

    My sighting of it at Peterborough Spital Sidings 7-4-91 was attached to DR76311.