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SR EMU 10940
Scrapped - Ron Hull Jnr. Rotherham 2/10


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Ashford** *** ****Steve Hatcher
Chart Leacon** *** ****Steve Hatcher
Chart Leacon** *** ****Steve Hatcher
Ashford Chart Leacon TMD** *** ****Bob Parsons
Chart Leacon Depot2009-09-11Doug Smith
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  • 975604 & 975605

    30 April 2005 - Ben Williams

    975604 joined 975599 as part of 930009 which was scrapped at Immingham in June 2003. 975605 suffered fire damage and is still stored at Ashford Chart Leacon depot today.

  • 975605

    18 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    The fire damage to the cab is visible here...

  • 975605

    3 February 2010 - Ben Williams

    This is the only vehicle now remaining at Ashford as of this morning - the other three having now departed north to Rotherham... end of an era!