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Moved to Wensleydale Railway 11/12
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Wensleydale Railway
Preserved vehicles
975xxx series


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Bromsgrove** *** ****Roger Harris
Wensleydale Railway - Leeming Bar** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Wensleydale Railway - Leeming Bar** *** ****Andrew Crisp
Wensleydale Railway - Leeming Bar** *** ****Roger Harris
Wensleydale Railway - Leeming Bar** *** ****Trevor Clements
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  • 975874

    30 June 2006 - Harry Douthwaite

    That is an excellent photo! Especially south of London.

    There is one preserved on the NNR, it is originally from the National railway museum but is on long term loan to the North Norfolk Railway.

    Excellent picture!

  • 975874

    30 June 2006 - Ben

    The one at NNR is this one!

  • 975874

    9 July 2007 - Kit Spackman

    It may not be immediately obvious, but LEV1's main body was made from sections of Leyland National bus.

    The cab fronts, door modules and main body sections were standard national parts, only modified slightly to suit the new rail application. This structure was carried over to the production railbuses as well, but with more modifications. I'm not familiar enough with the Classes but I think they were 142s and 143s, named 'Skippers' and 'Pacers' by their user organisations.

  • 975874

    4 May 2009 - Martin Barnsdall

    This was the first of the experiemental railbuses built in 1978 by BR/BRL/Workington. Originally unpowered, it was later fitted with an engine. The later series of 4 wheel railcar sets: 140/141/142/143 and 144 were all based on this and its descendants.

  • 975874

    6 May 2009 - Greg Sherlock

    The bulbous projection above the cab windows was fitted either before or during a demonstration trip to the USA. Mesh grills were fitted over the windscreens at the same time for the same trip - subsequently removed.

  • 975874

    16 April 2010 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    31207 is out this weekend 17th and 18th April with DRB 79960 doing extra shuttles and LEV1 RDB975874 out doing Yard shuttles at Sheringham

    31207 is doing booked Diesel diagram

    E79960 additional service starting at starting at Sheringham 10:00

    LEV1 RDB975874 Station - Yard shuttles at Sheringham (May do more if all goes well but is no guarantee)

    Yellow timetable in operation.

  • RDB 975874

    29 June 2020 - Jon Horswell

    Just noticed that the bulbous protrusions above the cabs have been removed. They were in place when on the North Norfolk. I take it they were simply fibreglass mountings.