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BR coach 1030
Named 'Paschar'
Arlington Green

National network vehicles
975xxx series
Barrier & Translator vehicles


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Long Marston** *** ****Roger Harris, Mick House
Long Marston - Rail Live 2022** *** ****Tony Andrews
Long Marston** *** ****Kev Adlam, Vince, Mick House
Long Marston - Rail Live 20222022-06-22Ben Williams
Long Marston RIC2022-06-22 Greg Hartle

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  • 975974

    8 December 2004 - Baz Mc

    975974 & 975978 are used with Merseyrail 507/508 to/from Eastleigh for refurbishment, will continue for the next 4/5 months (up to Mar/Apr 2005), can usually be sighted heading north from Eastleigh to Birkenhead North with a refurbished set most Fridays (as 5X47) and heading south from Birkenhead North to Eastleigh with a set for refurbishment most Mondays (as 5X61)

  • 975974

    29 November 2010 - 50047

    This vehicle and its sister, 975978, are currently at Eastleigh for overhaul with Arlington. They are expected to be released in mid December and will be allocated to the Doncaster-Slade Green 465 flow operated by GBRf

  • 975974

    30 December 2010 - Ben Williams

    Apparently these two refurbished barrier coaches were noted at Eastleigh with cast nameplates attached! They were covered in tape / card so no clue as to what they are going to receive yet - any more info welcome!

  • 975974

    28 May 2011 - Ben Williams

    I have been told the following:

    "975974 and 975978 went on lease with GBRf as on 27th May

    Official handover was at Eastleigh Works

    975974 has been named Paschar


    975978 has been named Perpetiel

    Paschar is the angel of vision

    Perpetiel is the angel of success

    There first run will be a shake down with a 508, date not yet known but likely to be quite soon

    Route TBA but likely to involve a run round at either Woking or Basingstoke

    Once trial run is complete the vehicles will be used on the existing 465/466 flow from Wabtec/Doncaster to Slade Green on Friday evenings, and return move on Saturday. This is a once every three weeks flow."

  • 975974

    10 June 2011 - 50048

    It is hoped that 975974 and 975978 will depart Eastleigh on 17th June for a trial run. Destination is likely to be Basingstoke. A 508 EMU will be utilised as load.

  • 975974

    16 June 2011 - 50048

    975974 and 975978 will be making a run to Woking on 17th June. Depart Eastleigh at approx 10.30. Load will be 508302

  • 1 November 2016 - Colin Schorah

    975974 and 975978 northbound through East Croydon last Wednesday evening behind 66727 with Coastway unit #14. Working from Brighton to Wolverton Works. I noted the names as Poacher and Perpetual. Have these had their names "modified" or did I just see the obvious and not the real names?

  • 2 February 2022 - Richard Pickering

    Moved with 92032 to Kilmarnock to move 318's

  • 13 June 2022 - Caroline Mitchell

    975974 and 975978 are en-route to Leicester LIP today behind 66746 (5M19)