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LMS coach 31257
Broken up on site at Wolverhampton Low Level station by Armac Demolition, Bickenhill as part of site redevelopment 4/06


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Wolverhampton Low Level** *** ****John Hall
Wolverhampton Low Level** *** ****David Denton
Wolverhampton Low Level** *** ****Cristoff
Wolverhampton Low Level** *** ****Martin Sidwells
Wolverhampton Low Level** *** ****John Hall
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  • 975995

    13 January 2003 - Michael Winter

    Who owns this LMS BG? Judging by the picture there won't be much to own as time goes by. Also how did this coach come to end up here?

  • 975995

    14 January 2003 - Simon Bendall

    Its owned by EWS. In BR days, it was used as a stores van and just left there when the station closed.

  • 975995

    3 June 2003 - Brian Cuttell

    There was talk at one time of a preservation centre being located here but nothing came of it unless the station buildings have been restored.

    A bit of glue and the van's back in working order (Not!)

  • 975995

    5 February 2005 - Ben Williams

    In case anyone is wondering how the other comments here were made a year before the photo was taken (!) I have in fact swapped the photo today as the previous one showed the coach engulfed by trees and this one is much better now they have been chopped down!

  • 975995

    26 May 2005 - bernard befton

    I was told thet this vehicle was owned by the great western steam loco group and it was moved here when they planned to restore the station as some sort of working museum?????

  • 975995

    3 April 2006 - Andrew Rudd

    I was under the impression it was owned by the great western steam loco group and when there plans fell through it was left there when they moved and it was burned soon after, it was in the process of being broken up today anyway.