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BR NPCCS 94567
Presumed scrapped at Hoo Junction - date unknown


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Hoo Junction** *** ****Lee Taylor
Hoo Junction** *** ****Geoff Godsell
Hoo Junction** *** ****Alex Betteney
Hoo Junction** *** ****Geoff Godsell
Hoo Junction** *** ****Brian Cuttell
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  • 977232

    24 June 2005 - Ben Williams

    This was scrapped at Hoo Jcn but I don't have a date for its disposal - if anyone knows when it was cut please let me know!

  • 977232

    14 August 2005 - John Silverthorne

    This van noted as a grounded body at Hoo Jcn 14th June 1993 according to my notes. From memory was in derelict condition and OOU, body almost certainly broken up shortly after this date.

  • 977232

    15 September 2005 - Mike Porter

    Looks as though this CCT was not broken up in 1993.

    Peter Hall noted it at Hoo junction in 2002.

  • 977232

    30 August 2007 - Andy Prime

    Noted as a grounded body on 31/05/1987 and in fairly reasonable condition.

  • 977232

    19 December 2007 - Ben Williams

    This van was last seen in May 2002 after which it disappeared at some point. If anyone has any more recent sightings or details of its disposal please let me know!