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SR EMU 10399
Scrapped - Gwent Demolition, Margam 9/93. Note: battery loco 97701 / 975178 carried 977363 in error for a time.


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Cardiff Central** *** ****Shayne Lewis
Strawberry Hill TMD** *** ****Roger Harris
Fratton** *** ****Simeon Gaskell
Fratton Depot1990-04-28Phil Whitehouse
Fratton1989-07-02Steve Jordan

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  • 3 February 2022 - Brian Cuttell

    It seems very likely that all the Merseyside sightings for 977362 & 977363 were in fact 975178 (M61136) & 975179 (M61139) which should have been renumbered to 97701 & 97702 but carried incorrect numbers 977362 & 977363 for a period. To complicate matters further the Matisa conversions 97601 & 97602 carried incorrect numbers 97701 & 97702!

  • 2 May 2022 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Brian yes you're correct. I've now shifted them all over and added a note to both 977362 and 977363 entries.