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Not issued allocated to BR NPCCS 99625
Scrapped - EMR Kingsbury 4/10

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977xxx series
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Ferme Park CS** *** ****Roger Harris

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  • 99625

    31 December 2006 - Colin G Stirling

    I believe, from close inspection of the background, you may find that this coach is resident on the Keith & Dufftown railway.

    Colin G Stirling

  • 99625

    7 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    This has now left the K&DR - seen today at the haulage yard in Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield on the back of a low loader. Final destination not known at present...

  • 99625

    8 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    Destination Long Marston apparently although not sure which site!

  • 11 July 2012 - Dennis Graham

    The VCT says this coach was scrapped in 2010. Is this a mistaken sighting or are they wrong?

  • 14 July 2012 - Ben Williams

    Mistaken sighting I think for perhaps 975758? This was scrapped at Kingsbury in 2010 - the reference for 99625 was right but this hadn't also been updated. It is now.