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BR coach 17076
Scrapped on site at Eastleigh works 5/08


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Crewe LNWR** *** ****Roger Beattie
Eastleigh Works** *** ****BRIAN LOUGHLIN
Eastleigh Works** *** ****Bruce Knights
Eastleigh Works** *** ****Carl Watson
Eastleigh Works** *** ****Brian Loughlin
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  • Tripe

    3 September 2003 - Ben

    This coach languished for a long time in the Down carriage sidings opposite Eastleigh station as 17076 in NSE livery and was a familiar sight to anyone passing through the station. It is now used by Alsthom as a training coach and can now be seen near the entrance to Eastleigh works.

  • Tripe

    1 May 2006 - brian loughlin


  • Tripe

    22 October 2006 - James

    Was stored for a while in Eastleigh wagon shop. To be scrapped soon.

  • Tripe

    31 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    Has this vehicle moved on or was it scrapped on site when the works saw a clearout prior to closure. Lovely livery though and something akin to the old stagecoach colours temporarily applied to certain Mk.2 vehicles.

  • Tripe

    1 April 2007 - Ben Williams

    As far as I know it remains inside one of the sheds.

  • Tripe

    2 April 2007 - brian loughlin

    still alive, 01 april 2007 back in siding next to botley clearly visible.

  • Tripe

    2 April 2007 - brian loughlin

    should read botley line side of railway works

  • Tripe

    4 April 2007 - Clive Warneford

    As I understand it this coach is in the care of the people who restored the loco "Lord Nelson", however, this may have changed now that the loco is running on the mainline. Check with the ERPS(Eastleigh Railway Preservation Society) for confirmation.

  • Tripe

    5 June 2007 - James

    Coach has been brought by an individual and is awaiting removal.

  • Tripe

    21 March 2008 - Ben Williams

    I've had a report suggesting this may have now been removed from here - anyone know any more please?

  • Tripe

    22 March 2008 - John Silverthorne

    Wasn't visible from Campbell Road bridge 14th March but may still be inside works. Extraction by road will be difficult?

  • Tripe

    4 April 2008 - Jon Horswell

    Can confirm this vehicle was back on the siding adjacent to the botley line on the 31/03/08. Hope this helps, though I fear the mystery only deepens further !!

  • Tripe

    5 April 2008 - Bruce Knights

    The vehicle is still on our site as at 5th April 2008. It was supposed to have been sold by Alstom but the money never changed hands, probably because its no small things to get old vehicles tripped out over the mainline. With Alstom's interest in the site being over the vehicle's future is unclear. Nobody's in any hurry to do anything with it. Make us an offer :-)

    Bruce Knights

    MD Knights Rail Services Ltd

  • Tripe

    1 May 2008 - Ian Riley

    Vehicle purchased by Riley & Son (E) Ltd.

    Dismantled on site as part of component recovery.

  • Tripe

    1 May 2008 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Thanks for the update Ian