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BR DMU 51427
Great Central Railway
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Great Central Railway
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977xxx series


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Great Central Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Great Central Railway** *** ****Peter Howkins
Great Central Railway** *** ****Gerry Desmond
Great Central Railway** *** ****Wayne Allsopp
Great Central Railway** *** ****Andy Basford
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  • 977900 & 977899

    28 April 2003 - Ben

    It would be nice if this unit was kept in this livery - especially with the black window surrounds! Seems most preserved units these days are painted green without a second thought - be good to see some variation! It could keep its departmental number too ;)

    If anyone has contacts at the GCR can you pass my comments on please?!

  • 977900 & 977899

    28 April 2003 - Vince

    Alas, I don't think they will listen - I've heard that it will be repainted green to fit in with the 1960's re-creation thing they've got going on. Strangely, I don't recall Mk3 sleepers and civil 37s in the 60's, so may be wrong!

  • 977900 & 977899

    29 April 2003 - David Russell

    Unfortunately you're both right - the GCR confirms on its website that the unit will be repainted green with whiskers. Its strange how some lines seem to forget that BR blue first appeared in 1964!

  • 977900 & 977899

    29 April 2003 - Ben

    Time to start a new campaign I think!

  • 977900 & 977899

    23 February 2004 - Craig Adamson

    I was at the GCR yesterday (22/02/04) and its still in blue - wa hay !

    Pics here :

  • 977900 & 977899

    23 February 2004 - Craig Adamson

    Sorry, meant to add, it has been rubbed down a little ready for repaint but still looks good in blue.

  • 21 December 2015 - Brian Cuttell

    This one has been at Rowsley for contract repair and repaint. It was noted complete outside the Peak Rail shed on 20/12/15 awaiting return to the GCR.