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BR DMU 55029
Moved to Rushden Station Transport Museum 12/10
Preservation location:
Rushden Transport Museum
Preserved vehicles
977xxx series


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** *** ****Michael Simpson
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****G Goswell
Rushden transport museum** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****Tony Andrews
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****Roger Harris
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  • 977968

    3 July 2003 - Ben

    Unusually seen away from its usual WCML haunts of Rugby and Crewe...

  • 977968

    1 December 2005 - Bill Amos

    This is now a dedicated driver training and route learning unit for Carillion rail

  • 977968

    15 May 2008 - Ben Williams

    This is currently stored in the shed at Rugby pending possible further use as a route learner for ColasRail. Any updated sightings welcome!

  • 977968

    23 November 2008 - George Candelin

    Open store 2 Oct 2008 at Rugby

  • 977968

    4 December 2009 - network rail

    still at rugby next to the wet spot machine

  • 977968

    15 December 2010 - anon

    Moved to Rushden Transport Museum from Rugby colas depot

  • 3 June 2015 - Ben Williams

    I'm told this has been affected by recent arson attack on nearby bus at Rushden. Thanks to SB

  • 4 June 2015 - Dan Adkins

    Appears to have suffered paint damage and a few broken windows.

  • 5 August 2020 - Tony Andrews

    Noted today in grey primer