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BR DMU 55027
Moved to Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Association, Wirksworth 10/14
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Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


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Ecclesbourne Valley Railway - Wirksworth** *** ****Roger Harris
Ecclesbourne Valley Railway - Wirksworth** *** ****Roger Harris
Ecclesbourne Valley Railway - Wirksworth** *** ****G Goswell, Hez
Ecclesbourne Valley Railway - Wirksworth** *** ****Alex Betteney
Ecclesbourne Valley Railway - Wirksworth** *** ****Brian Cuttell
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  • 977975

    23 June 2004 - Ben Williams

    If anyone can elaborate on the function of these units it would be good to hear - I imagine the panels on the side are folding ramps for easy access inside? Do they have anything special inside or are they just empty and purely to be used as a vehicle for evacuating passengers from a stranded train?

  • 977975

    21 July 2004 - nigel richards

    judging by the photo ben i think they could be for passenger evacuation as i understand the severn tunnel emergancy train is now based at severn tunnel jcn instead of sudbrook due to delays in getting the train from the branch to the mainline.

  • 977975

    7 September 2004 - Tom Walker

    So how do these units do their job then? do they just get alongside the stranded HST and open those huge doors? Are they not long enough?

    Wouldn't they become stranded themselves by whatever caught the HST?

    Attractive, aren't they?

  • 977975

    22 September 2004 - Steve Wright

    Apparently they are re designed inside to fit rows of field stretchers. So basically load up injured and dead people and bring them out of the tunnel

  • 977975 & 977976

    23 March 2006 - Ben

    This well-timed photo shows the two newly converted units being shunted from their former home within the fenced compound to the cripple siding at the top of the yard. What does this mean for the future of these units? It is thought they may already be redundant in favour of road rail vehicles...

  • 977975 & 977976

    30 March 2006 - Okotokspaul

    Is the third coach from the emergency train at Sudbrook? Will all the above vehicles go on for scrap/preservation??

  • 977975 & 977976

    30 March 2006 - Ben

    It is at Sudbrook yes - 975497. The other question I can't answer I'm afraid!!

  • 977975 & 977976

    1 April 2006 - Robin

    Word on the street says that a small fleet of 6 wheel 'gator' road rail vehicles (made by John Deere) will be used instead as they can be deployed instantly

    to see what they look like visit

    second picture down but with rail conversion....

  • 977975 & 977976

    14 December 2007 - Ben Williams

    All due to move next week - bubble cars to Long Marston for further storage and possible sale (?) other two coaches for scrap at Sims, Newport. Tank to Thompsons, Stockton.

  • 977975 & 977976

    14 December 2007 - ian saunders

    so what will be used for the severn tunnel emergency train now then

  • 977975 & 977976

    14 December 2007 - Ben Williams

    You'll just have to run fast. Actually - as the comment says above - I believe there are several road-rail John Deere Gators locked in a little shed somewhere.

  • 977975 & 977976

    5 April 2011 - Pete Burns

    I was one of the team at BluePrint Rail of Belper (now Lloyds Rail register) which designed the interior and exterior conversion of these railcars.The basis of the interior was 8 tables where stretchers could be placed whilst patients were treated.

    The wide roller shutter doors were for stretcher access, and the flat rectangular areas on the bodyside next to these doors were fold-down ramps.There were fluorescent lamps along the solebar and also 2 powerful spot lamps in each destination box.

    In addition there was a diesel generator set inside the body near to one end - in the picture you can see the air intake grilles just behind the cab door.

    The conversion work from Class 121 was at Pete Waterman's LNWR at Crewe.

  • 30 September 2014 - Vince

    Looks like this left Barry yesterday. Not sure if its friend has followed yet.

  • 30 September 2014 - Ben Williams

    I was told they were due to go to Wirksworth...

  • 5 October 2014 - Ben Williams

    Both now confirmed moved.

  • 26 September 2015 - Greg Hartle

    Currently under restoration and part covered in blue tapaulin, due to the driving end having no roof..

  • 17 June 2016 - Oscar felix stinchcombe-jenkins

    Currently under overhaul/restoration/modificationat wirksworth, the team are currently finishing the external welding before they have to bogie swap with the other one when jacks become avalible.

    I will get photos of the vehicle on the interior for you all to look at but I am unsure if it will stay the same as the P-WAY department will be fitting it out for there needs.