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S 4589 S
Moved to Isle of Wight Steam Railway 5/12. Reduced to underframe by 1/14
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Isle of Wight Steam Railway
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Isle Of Wight Steam Railway** *** ****Nick Felton
Isle Of Wight Steam Railway** *** ****Ben Williams
Isle Of Wight Steam Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
Isle Of Wight Steam Railway** *** ****Nick Felton
Mid Hants Railway** *** ****John Silverthorne
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  • 99015 detail

    6 October 2007 - steve

    i viewed this coach and the other stored bits at horsham recently and the shrubs are a bit taller and thicker now. quite a few mpvs too if you like that sort of thing;

  • 99015

    16 September 2012 - Clive Warneford

    This is one of two ex Bertram Mills Circus Elerphant Vans, which were obtained for use of the underframes of each by the I.O.W Rly. At the time of purchase it was not possible to transport them over to the island as there were no ferries suitable for purpose, so both vehicles were temporarily stored at the Mid-Hants sidings until suitable transport was available.

  • 12 March 2014 - Ben Williams

    now reduced to underframe.

  • 4 August 2021 - Nick Felton

    At 30 July 2021 the underframe of this vehicle is in the final stages of conversion to a replacement underframe for LCDR Brake 3rd 4115.