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London Underground Ltd.

999xxx series


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Neasden LU Dept** *** ****Lee Batty
West Ruislip** *** ****Peter Wreford
West Ruislip LUL Depot** *** ****gb50040
Derby - Loram2016-10-08Roger Harris
Neasden LUL Depot2016-07-08Trevor Daburn

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  • 999666

    22 October 2006 - Dave Carson

    Has since been repainted in now-standard LUL livery of blue base panels, white body and red doors.

  • 999666

    30 October 2006 - Rich Mackin

    Is it still NR-registered?

  • 999666

    30 October 2006 - Dave Carson

    Yes it still holds that number as it's buckeye couplers are at full standard height (hence the smaller car end doors). It's jumper leads are BR/UIC standard. Internally, this car has been refitted since the above photo with a smaller, more powerful computer and databank, larger office, phone exchange (car has own office and fax numbers) and refurbished Mk3 seating and a new kitchen!

  • TRT 666

    4 May 2007 - Dave Carson

    The train still exists, but the station doesn't!

  • 999666

    25 March 2008 - rob

    platform 5 combined volume 2007 (and LHCS seperate book) shows 999 666 as 99 666 (ex 3250) oopsie.

  • 999666

    26 March 2008 - rob

    nead glasses myself now

    platform 5 book shows 99 666 and not 999666 as I posted D'oh

  • 999666

    19 December 2008 - Ben Williams

    Passed me this morning coming off the Met Line at Baker Street towards Kings Cross.

  • 999666

    20 December 2008 - Jon Horswell

    What happened to the old LUL Mk 2? I forget its number so as a result I cant find it on this website.

  • 999666

    21 December 2008 - MARTIN RICHARDSON

    I remember seeing this back in the late 1980s going through Clapham Junction sandwiched between two Hastings unit Driving Motor coaches. A Bizare sight!!

  • 999666

    21 December 2008 - Ben Williams

    Re: the mk2 if you mean 977547 then it is stored at Sinderby

    The mk1 - 977588 - I believe is at West Ruislip as 35011

  • 999666

    7 May 2014 - Ben Williams

    nice old shot here of it out of usual territory - presumably on the way to or from Old Dalby. Thanks to Mike.

  • 999666

    8 May 2014 - Jon Horswell

    Great shot that shows the different size body profiles to good effect. Any idea what the other two RTC coaches are? The one nearest the camera looks very clean.

  • 27 July 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Is this a more likely spot at Neasden or West Ruislip depot?

  • 27 July 2020 - Dan Adkins

    Is it even still in use? This set was supposed to be replaced by the 67/72 stock set but not sure if it actually happened? Oh and another note, this was not 'new' as such, it was converted from 1973 stock 514. Also known as TRC666.

  • 27 July 2020 - Dan Adkins

    Although just doing some digging, it seems that the 6-car Asset Inspection Train has been decommissioned and is stored at Northfields. There's a photo from February of L132 from the 3-car set at Acton Works, but it doesn't say if it's arriving or departing, nor where to/from.

  • 28 July 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Interesting.... and is 999666 still part of the 6-car AIT and at Northfields too?

  • 28 July 2020 - Dan Adkins

    Sorry for the confusion! 999666 is not, and has never been part of the 6-car set. It's always been part of the 3-car set with L132 and L133. The 6-car set is an entirely different entity.

  • 28 July 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Ahh right ok Dan, so a clue to where 999666 could possibly be currently?

  • 3 August 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Possible whereabouts of this vehicle if anyone can help please? Thanks..