Photo of 041281 at Derby Litchurch Lane

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  • Ben Williams

    4 February 2017, 07:11:41

    A useful photo even though partly obscured by the fence. A comparison of the rusty holes in the side panels with the other photo on this website means this is almost certainly a repainted 041281.

  • Ben Williams

    1 March 2020, 19:57:59

    Again this one not reported again since this photo...

  • Greg Hartle

    1 March 2020, 21:16:27

    It's still about I can assure you, sometimes seen from the car park adjacent to Loram on London Rd... basically the location of the photo but more set back into the sidings..

  • Ben Williams

    3 March 2020, 19:36:10

    OK thanks - could you add your latest sightings for this, 024794 and 6396 to update things please?

  • Greg Hartle

    3 March 2020, 23:16:55

    Yes I will do when I see them again next Ben..

  • Ben Williams

    22 December 2020, 19:32:07

    So I don't think this is still at Derby - as per comments under 024916 it looks like it is at Worksop with another unidentified yellow Conflat L. Seems likely this also came from Derby...?

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