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  • Harold Nicolson

    30 June 2013, 14:39:42

    I would be grateful if anyone could inform us which railway company this vehicle is from ?

  • Jon Horswell

    1 July 2013, 02:08:44

    With regards to the light blue livery, was this one of the 'powertrack' vans? (I think that is what the company were called).

  • Phil Scott

    2 July 2013, 22:18:36

    British Rail used a light blue livery for \"Project Mercury\" vehicles in the 1980s and 1990s. This livery was used by signal and telegraph engineer’s department for its cable laying trains.

  • Peter Anthony Cummings

    2 July 2013, 23:37:58

    Regardless of whether this vehicle is 'authentic' to either of the projects, Powertrack was a different entity to the Mercury operation.

    It may have been NE based, and even an offshoot of Jarvis Fastline. Did once catch some of their stuff at Stratford though.

  • Ben Williams

    3 July 2013, 07:19:03

    Yes the Powertrack vans were 977922 and 977923 and just coincidence this van has similar light blue colour.

    • Thumbnail 977922

  • Philip Hetherington

    12 July 2013, 10:34:13

    Harold, I believe it's an LNER ballast brake van, they had a small compartment for the guard and a section for the rest of the staff to use as a mess van.

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