Photo of 042236 at Peterborough Spital Sidings

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  • Vince

    9 April 2004, 11:23:52

    This van used to be based inside the nearby wagon repair depot. It has recently moved to these sidings. Possibly heading off for preservation, or in use here?

  • Rich Mackin

    7 September 2005, 18:37:50

    Still in the same location, and in the same condition, on 06 September 2005.

  • Robert Hewison

    8 January 2011, 18:34:08

    This van now in the upper yard to the north of the ex ferry vans.

    Can be easily seen from the road if no wagons are in the way.

    Cheers Rob

  • Jon Horswell

    26 September 2012, 21:51:32

    Likewise often visible from the mainline too. Easily identified due to its white roof.

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