Photo of 083064 at Queenborough

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  • Queenborough
  • 14 May 1977
  • © Bob Wallace


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  • Andy Prime

    25 January 2009, 12:17:33

    If this vehicle was broken up on site at Hoo Junction as per the text, what is it doing at Queenborough, which, if it is at Shipbreakers, is the normal breaking up point ?

  • Ben Williams

    26 January 2009, 11:37:11

    Probably an assumption / mistake! I will amend soon - thanks for pointing it out.

  • Andy Prime

    26 January 2009, 17:20:59

    The vehicle to the right 082665 has no scrapping details either so perhaps they both had the same fate, whatever that was.

  • Ben Williams

    26 January 2009, 20:33:19

    Now I've looked into this - on enquiries about 083064, 083069 & 083121 (they had to be added to my list) Bob told me:

    "Disposal dates are 21/2/77, 31/12/76 & 12/1/77 respectively, only the last is confirmed as Smeeth, Hoo Junction, although the other two are also very good bets for Smeeth."

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