Photo of 083441 at New Cross Gate

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  • New Cross Gate
  • 27 February 1988
  • © Andy Prime


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  • Ben Williams

    9 January 2007, 20:46:21

    Apparently these wagons were used at Victoria station to screen the view of engineering works!

  • peter cummings

    10 January 2007, 20:08:05

    They were indeed. A whole train of them that filled the platform. probably as much to do with stopping debris from getting to parts still in public use, as opposed to stopping us getting a look in.

  • Andy Prime

    13 January 2007, 14:30:53

    Known at the time as 'Screen Wagons' and collectively the 'Victoria Work Screen'. During July 1982 the following were all observed at London Victoria Station: 083441/442/443/444/445/453/456/455.

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