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  • Thurso
  • 24 January 2009
  • © Brian Stanway


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  • Ben Williams

    25 February 2009, 10:02:46

    ...and here's a close-up of the "other" van at Thurso - opposite the station. It is thought likely that this is 096035 but if anyone can confirm that would be great.

  • Andy Prime

    25 February 2009, 22:50:22

    This appears to be an LMS D1664 van, closest picture I can see is in LMS Wagons Vol 1 p38, plate 69. If it is one of these then it has had ironwork/bracing removed and plywood either put over the top of or replacing the original planks. The former number is not one of the examples listed in the book, but again were allocated randomly. Possible build 1924-6.

  • Steve Jenkins

    2 March 2009, 15:40:32

    I have a photograph which shows an ex-LMS all-steel van against the bay buffer-stops at Thurso in the 1970s. The view is oblique, but it does show (just) the door cross-bracing. The view is too distant for any numbers to be visible. Given the date I assume that the van is in internal, rather than revenue use. From the details in the Internal Users book, I would deduce this van to be the former M147012, which was supposed to be at Thurso at one time and which accords with a number in the all-steel van fleet from David Larkin's Data Sheets. The van in the photograph above has steel end stanchions and corners, which it would not have had if it had been M147012 as that van would have had corrugated steel ends. So was M147012 ever there and if so, what is the identity of the van pictured above? A bit of a mystery.


  • Andy Prime

    29 June 2009, 16:14:54

    A thread with speculation on Internal vans at Thurso in 1969 has appeared here:


    The van against the stops has corrugated ends as per Steves comment above. Maybe the one next to it is this van 096035 ?

  • Andy Prime

    1 July 2009, 09:19:09

    Further to the above, the following has been added.

    "The vans lived in that siding for years without moving and were sundries stores for goods arriving . They were eventually shifted to one of the goods sidings as parcel traffic declined, as was their replacement- a Gw Hawkesworth BG- and scrapped, although the metal body gained a new lease of life as the local scrapyard store. I'm not sure if it is still there. The numbers of the vans are- wooden one- M120434 -and the metal one-M147012- plated LMS1929."

    So the metal ended van M147012 is 'missing' in internal user picture terms.

    The picture on this page for 096035 looks more like M120434 than the picture shown for 096034 (detail differences - headstock angle, door handle position, end plating)

    Which means picture of 096034 may have a different old ID !


  • Andy Prime

    1 July 2009, 17:12:11

    Further evidence seems to show that the picture above is this van:




    which was in the goods yard area in March 1985. This must? have been the one that I logged in 1982 as 096035(M147012), normally I would only note the former number if it was visible on the side or plated, but that contradicts the info given that M147012 was a steel ended van.

    Maybe we'll never know :(

  • Ben Williams

    5 July 2018, 20:08:34

    Visited Thurso today. The area where this van sat has now all been cleared so - whatever this van was - it's now moved or been scrapped!

  • Ben Williams

    7 February 2020, 06:30:46

    I've now received a photo of 096035 which will go live soon - and confirms it is definitely not this van!

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