DW 150359

Photo of DW 150359 at Crewe LNWR

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  • 150359 - Staff & Dormitory coach

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  • James Fibbens

    27 August 2006, 21:05:24

    What is this coach - ex LMS or GWR?

  • Ben Williams

    28 August 2006, 22:46:10

    The DW prefix sort of gives it away?! Its GWR. Exclusive photos of the inside of this coach on the website soon!

  • jeff lubchansky

    13 December 2007, 00:25:39

    i photographed this carriage a few weeks ago at crewe. it's still waiting a new home. is there a way to find out what it was built as?


  • ian saunders

    13 December 2007, 22:57:23

    judging from the bogies it would appear to have been a Collet design and the bodywork appears to be a brake coach and would also appear not to have been heavily modified

  • SD0853

    14 December 2007, 16:21:47

    I think you'll find that it's "At Home" as it's owned by Pete Waterman, and is stored on his LNWR site. What restoration plans he has for the vehical, I do not know.

  • Peter Cummings

    14 December 2007, 21:03:42

    Collett BTK (61' sunshine) dia D124, 1935 Lot 1574. W1595W.

    Departmental use was as a CE staff/dormitory coach.

  • Ben Williams

    14 April 2009, 14:57:36

    This and two of its GWR companions 150395 and 975795 / 024529 did not appear to be present last week - quite probably scrapped on site by HNRC recently but any confirmation welcome. 977442 and 975336 still present. If anyone has any more sightings of these vehicles between Jul 2008 and April 2009 please add them to narrow-down the disposal period, thanks!

  • Adam G

    14 April 2009, 16:22:07

    Was once GWR BTK 1535

    hope this helps someone!

  • Martin Barnsdall

    21 April 2009, 21:25:03

    Both these coaches were present on 21st Feb 2009 at appx. 1800 as I passed by on a train!

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