ADC 200715

Photo of ADC 200715 at Inverness Millburn yard

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  • 200715 - Snowblower support van

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  • Ben Williams

    11 February 2006, 10:20:24

    It is now thought that the snowblower 968500 has now moved to Perth and these vans are perhaps surplus to requirements... Note the painted stripes on the roof - apparently to aid helicopter rescue teams locate the train in the snow!

  • Jo Coultas

    14 February 2006, 15:47:15

    For when you go out on a suicide mission eh?

  • Keir Hardie

    17 August 2007, 23:58:05

    EWS 66111 keeps passing my window in Inverness with one of those Highland Rail stickers on!

  • Ben Williams

    1 October 2008, 14:14:32

    Apparently these two vehicles have been sold to Strathspey Railway and are due to move there by rail as part of a move of a new bridge (Railway magazine Nov 2008.)

  • Jamie Rowley

    19 March 2009, 23:05:15

    This vehicle was still at Inverness TMD on January 27th.

  • Bob Parsons.

    28 July 2009, 15:46:53

    Still at Inverness Depot on 27/05/09.

  • Chris Warner

    7 January 2010, 15:36:03

    Does anyone know the first date this van was used? was it around in this style in 1989-1990?


  • ron main

    17 June 2010, 09:50:03

    these support vans were converted at Perth wagon depot , to go with the rail mounted snowblower based at inverness. Seem to recall 1884-85. I travelled with these a few times , the longest being to ashford in kent to clear snow from maidstone east line . We set off on evening from inverness and were coded class 1 train , priority all the way , unfortunatly towing the blower was restricted to 40 mph so it was the following evening before arribal. there wee bunks , kitchen and toilet in one van , diesel genset for power and full oil and spares in the other

  • Simon Howard

    1 September 2012, 13:48:19

    Hi All,

    I'm about to make a model of this item of stock and managed to get some good close up pics at the Strathspey During the week. I failed/ was unable to get around the other side to get some pics, Can any one tell me if the other side has a door matching the one on this side?


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