DC 460000

Photo of DC 460000 at Doncaster

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  • 460000 - Optical car in Structure Gauging Train

Photo details

  • Doncaster
  • 7 October 1992
  • © Charles Tallis


Your comments

  • Chris Day

    26 December 2002, 13:01:42

    Excellent shot ... do you have any more of this vehicle and its associated support vehicles?

    Many thanks

  • Ben

    26 December 2002, 23:18:21

    I have one other photo from Chas which shows the whole Structure Gauging train - this will appear on the site shortly so watch this space!

  • Martin Allen

    18 January 2004, 09:02:24

    Are copies of this photo available for downloading? Its not for publication, only for my collection.

  • Colin Smith

    16 March 2008, 13:55:45

    I would like to try and model this strange train, does anybody know what the original wagon was before it was converted into 460000, thanks.

  • 47713

    16 March 2008, 17:52:49

    it was not converted from anything. it was built like that. judging by the number, pikes & sea urchins woulda been similar underframes

  • Simon Bendall

    16 March 2008, 19:40:15

    Actually, the optical car was built on the underframe of the prototype SPA 460000, which is why its got a number in the revenue wagon series rather than the more logical departmental series (as per the trib van).

  • Colin Smith

    23 March 2008, 20:12:10

    Excellent thank you Simon Bendall, just so happens that I have an old hornby one that could be cut up.

  • Harold Nicolson

    20 May 2009, 16:38:13

    Did anyone take a picture of the DC 460000 before it was converted to an Optical Car ?

  • Class 67001

    3 October 2010, 09:59:59

    Does anyone know the measurements of this vehicle.


  • SD0853

    3 October 2010, 11:15:04

    The Chassis is the same lenght as a conventional VAA VDA OBA etc etc

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