DC 460000

Photo of DC 460000 at London Cannon Street

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  • 460000 - Optical car in Structure Gauging Train

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  • Rich Mackin

    8 October 2006, 23:02:23

    How long is this vehicle? Both frames and over buffers?

  • Anon.

    9 October 2006, 15:35:37

    Approx. 11.25 metres

  • Paul Bartlett

    10 October 2006, 19:38:20

    This is one of the two prototype SPA plate wagons, diag SP019A. The underframe differs to the production batches of SPA, being a more standard design similar to those used on OAA and VAA, VBA. 33ft. 6 in. over headstocks with a 20ft. 9 in. wheelbase. Converted 1982.

  • Rich Mackin

    11 October 2006, 23:34:47

    Thanks for the info Paul & Anon, much appreciated (I noted the underframe's likeness to a VBA/VDA).

  • Greg Sherlock

    13 July 2007, 11:04:36

    The suspension looks identical to that below the LEV vehicles and classes 140 and 141 (as first built) railbuses.

  • Dave Smith

    17 October 2008, 17:22:14

    Dumb question time - am I right in thinking this optical car wouldn't work properly in daylight? Hence its apparent night-time shifts.......?

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