Photo of 68501 at Tonbridge West yard

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  • 68501 - EMU Translator coach set T6

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  • Ben Williams

    24 January 2007, 16:52:50

    Unusual to see yellow sides and black ends! These two units will work between two locos.

  • SD0853

    25 January 2007, 19:35:36

    I think the black ends are to absolutly positivly ensure that these "Ex" driving vehicals, are no longer confused as such vehicles

  • ian saunders

    3 February 2007, 16:11:08

    does this vehicle still have its traction equipment as it still carries its shoe beams

  • Martin Barnsdall

    4 February 2007, 16:39:49

    When originally converted to Driving vehicles for the GATEX, the traction equipment was removed, the shoe beams were kept as supply for on-board facilities and, I think, also supply if the loco became 'gapped'.

  • Phil Scott

    4 February 2007, 17:55:20

    The GLVs did retain their traction motors to increase the acceleration and provide extra power. On the final loco-hauled Gat-Ex, the GLV was used under-power for at least one part of the journey.

  • Steve Hatcher

    3 October 2011, 19:13:53

    Currently being overhauled at Eastleigh and will look quite different when they return.

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