6900 / 977837

Photo of 6900 / 977837 at Crewe

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  • Crewe
  • 22 November 1995
  • © Simeon Gaskell


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  • Ben Williams

    26 September 2009, 10:08:03

    A rare shot of this coach in action! Simeon tells me 977837 was visible under the paintwork next to the 6900.

  • rick pike

    28 September 2009, 20:37:12

    what was this coach used for, brake force runner for test trains?

  • rick pike

    28 September 2009, 22:08:51

    oh dear i should go to spec savers! just seen what it said after the coach number. was it/is it unique? is it still in one piece?

  • Ben Williams

    29 September 2009, 08:49:45

    Better keep that Specsavers appointment Rick! Check out the search box at the top right, type in 6900 and all will be revealed! ;)

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