6900 & 6901

Photo of 6900 & 6901 at Cambridge up sidings

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  • 6901 - Sandite coach

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  • Ben Williams

    18 February 2007, 22:54:59

    These two coaches are apparently bought by Booths and may move in the coming week...

  • Tony Rispoli

    5 February 2008, 23:34:56

    Don't think they have been anywhere!!! Nearly a year on, and I am 99% sure I got a naff photo of them from Cambridge station! Anyone know more? Also, which side of the boundary fence was this photo taken from?

  • Mr B

    6 February 2008, 13:19:12

    I believe that Network Rail have now taken ownership of these vehicles. You could possibley make one 'good one' from the pair with time and effort.

  • Dave Shell

    6 February 2008, 19:14:57

    Regarding the comments about the boundary fence - please bear in mind a lot of our contributors work for Network Rail, and the various maint. contractors, TOCs & FOCs so many of them hold PTS cards, etc. and take these photos during slack time in their work.

  • Ben Williams

    6 February 2008, 20:13:48

    This photo was taken on an official visit to inspect the carriages with a view to purchase. Yes they do still remain here - it was expected they would follow the cement tanks to Booths but it never quite happened!

  • Jon Horswell

    6 February 2008, 20:56:28

    With regards to the visit - I assume that they weren't worth purchasing.

  • Tony Rispoli

    9 February 2008, 23:54:00

    I have PTS and work for a TOC so appreciate your comments regarding the boundary fence, hence I was curious. I would be surprised if the vehicles were good for anything other than scrap, a long time in the same place and in open storage with plenty of better ex Virgin/Wessex/Anglia examples about, what would be the point of buying them?

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