DS 70070

Photo of DS 70070 at Skelton Jcn, York

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  • 70070 - Weedkilling Staff & Spray coach

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  • Skelton Jcn, York
  • August 1981
  • © Charles Cross


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  • Jon Horswell

    7 January 2011, 12:34:21

    I was looking at the wonderful vintage Matisa in front and suddenly noticed the serious damage to the end of the coach. Looks to me like something ran in to it.

    Was Skelton being used as a storage site for withdrawn stock at this time?

  • Paul Bartlett

    7 January 2011, 12:39:06

    This was here for some years, a photo from 1978 before damage is at http://gallery6801.fotopic.net/p62317960.html

    Paul Bartlett

  • Ben Williams

    8 January 2011, 10:33:52

    Charlie told me what happened here:

    "Tamper 73432 (which had just caught fire) was parked on top of the stoneblower 73116 that was parked on top of 75039 (liner) that was parked on to of Regulator 77102 and this coach.

    The next day a freight train was propelling backwards up the siding and the shunter had not changed the points - the train hit 73432 and smashed it into 73116 that smashed into 75039 that smashed into 77102 that hit the old coach on the buffer stops.

    Coach and 77102 right-offs."

    Photos of the plant will appear on the OTP website this week.

    Of course the part of Matisa regulator 77102 that is visible here will be recognisable as the part of these machines that were converted into Matisa trollies 68025-31.

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