DW 80975

Photo of DW 80975 at Old Oak Common TMD

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  • 80975 - CE Inspection Saloon

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  • Ben Williams

    2 November 2007, 05:37:45

    By coincidence I have been told this vehicle has recently returned to Old Oak from the Severn Valley. Possibly for some sort of overhaul or repaint perhaps? Any more info welcome!

  • Jon Horswell

    4 November 2007, 01:07:37

    I can confirm that this vehicle is at Old Oak and is just visible from passing trains (if you know where to look!!). It hasn't moved from its spot for about three weeks now and all enquires as to its reason for being there have so far drawn a blank.

  • Ben Williams

    14 December 2007, 22:51:06

    Its also currently visible from the main Old Oak Lane entrance gates.

  • Jon Horswell

    3 June 2008, 20:23:54

    Is this vehicle still at OOC?

  • Bill McTavish

    3 June 2008, 21:27:38

    If only you could search for it to see when someone last saw it huh?!

  • Mr Quippy

    4 June 2008, 08:31:59

    Or see in the photo description a tag line that says it has moved ?!

  • Ben Williams

    4 June 2008, 17:18:05

    It is still at Old Oak yes - it is just about visible from the gates to the Old Oak Common Lane entrance.

  • Jon Horswell

    28 June 2009, 15:54:25

    And now moved to the Llangollen alledgedly. Do we know why it was at Old Oak for so long?

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