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  • 86424 - Mobile Load Bank - conversion cancelled

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  • Ben Williams

    31 December 2007, 17:14:38

    I believe this is partially converted and may be used like 86901/2 but I think this has sat here unused since May 2007?! Also not sure why it wasn't given 86903 if it was to become another load bank loco...?

  • SD0853

    31 December 2007, 19:02:17

    This loco is still an 86/4 and is unmodified.

  • rick pike

    4 October 2009, 02:56:07

    what were NR plans for this loco? hauling test trains?

  • Rob Morel

    6 October 2009, 10:55:28

    original plan was to run overnight on the East Coast Mainline and act as an "ice breaker" keeping the contact wire free of ice during the early hours. As the ECML doesn't have much freight overnight electrically hauled (unlike the WCML) or overnight passenger services( like the MML > Bedford) .Other than a repaint into yellow nothing has changed on the loco unlike 86 253(901) and 86 210 (902) both renumbered as modified with traction motors isolated on one end and various other bolt ons to perform mobile load bank testing. It is these two locos that do the "ice breaking" if required, shame to see 424 (1965 vintage) standing idle especially with news that other 86s are soon to return mainline .. 86 205 (701) and 86 260 (702) wink!

  • rick pike

    6 October 2009, 18:08:14

    thanks for the info,has it ever been used in anger? the 86/9s have a lower top speed than the 86/2 and 86/4s dont they? is it something to do with the load bank equpment? and while were on the sudject, how does the mobile load bank work?

  • Rob Morel

    7 October 2009, 07:11:57

    86/9s can do 60mph as running on "half motors". I'll leave someone else to describe the inner technical workings of a mobile load bank but these two specifically converted for the WCML upgrade that employed new lineside technology and something called an "auto transformer site" in little brick buildings at various intervals especially between Milton Kynes and Rugby.

    Lets not forget the old class 84 that did this type of work before.. 84 009 /968021 cut in 1995

    It is often asked why 86 424 does not operate with the rest of the inspection fleet on track inspection/ultrasonic/overhead line test trains especially as they use "diesels" under the wires (73s/31s/37s etc)Two reasons, most of the stock utilises the blue star multiple working equipment which this electric loco does not have and with the centre of testing being at Derby (not wired-yet!) a diesel would have to be used anyhow.

  • Brian Williams

    7 October 2009, 22:14:41

    The idea behind these locos is that the load they take from the OCS causes it to warm up slightly, such that it falls off. A similar idea, but using lineside resistances, is used on CTRL.

    The original French ice-breakers relied on somewhat less sophisticated means- the carbon contact strip was replaced by a piece of steel!

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