Photo of 931091 at Bournemouth T&RSMD

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  • 68001 - Motor Luggage van 931091

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  • Bournemouth T&RSMD
  • 16 May 1998
  • © Neil Walkling


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  • Ben

    28 December 2003, 20:01:16

    These units were built for the South Eastern division to give additional luggage space for the boat trains to Dover, Folkestone, etc. Some were later used for Royal Mail traffic in the late 80s and as tractor units in the early 90s, hauling water tankers to resupply Kent carriage washer plants during water shortages. They were taken into departmental stock in the early 90s, although not given 977xxx numbers due to the onset of privatisation - duties included depot shunting at Strawberry Hill and Bournemouth.

    Thanks to Simon Bendall for this info.

  • Ben

    30 December 2003, 14:48:01

    Neil is unsure which unit it was to the rear of 68001 in this picture - if anyone else was at this open day please let me know!

  • martin richardson

    3 January 2004, 23:44:54

    the unit at the rear is 68002, employed as depot shunter at bournemouth. 68001 is in working order on the East Kent Railway along with EPB 5759

  • Neil Walkling

    4 February 2004, 20:19:33

    68002 has now been moved to the East Kent Railway to join 68001 along with 4BEP unit no 2325.

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