Photo of 96372 at North Pole International

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  • 96372 - Nightstar Generator coach

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  • Tony Rispoli

    5 February 2008, 23:41:49

    Where is it now? Temple Mills?

  • Bill McTavish

    6 February 2008, 19:51:49

    Where is it now? If only this website had a handy search button!

  • Tony Rispoli

    9 February 2008, 23:50:11

    Apologies, I asked the wrong question! What I meant was, what are the plans for it now? I had presumed it would go to Temple Mills as that's where all the other Euro stuff is, but it's at Wembley, so what are the plans? I presume there is no 'what are the plans now?' buttons on this site are there?

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