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  • 9702 - Network Rail remote train operating vehicle

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  • Ben Williams

    4 February 2008, 09:58:19

    I've been told this will be the second of these vehicles to be released and it was seen last saturday (2nd Feb) back on its bogies outside the Technical Centre. 9703 will be the first to do a mainline test run within the next few weeks.

    These vehicles will be used instead of having to use locomotives at each end of test trains. I believe five are being converted in total with 9701, 9708 & 9714 also currently at RTC.

  • wardog

    4 February 2008, 18:13:01

    are these not got blue star now for working with class 31

  • SD0853

    4 February 2008, 18:18:07

    Yes, they are being converted to operate in multipul with Blue Star M/W fitted loco's.

  • 47713

    4 February 2008, 18:20:14


  • Newbryford

    7 March 2008, 23:18:15

    I believe that one or two of the DBSO's may be "dedicated" to particular test trains such as UTU2-4 and the SGT. One of my sources informs me that one of them could be generator fitted to do away with the 626x ex Mk1 BG genny vans.

    If I find out any more, I'll post up.



  • kev

    8 March 2008, 10:14:41

    good use of availble vehicles, i wonder if some mk3 dvts could be used in same config ?

  • SD0853

    8 March 2008, 19:35:01

    Three of these vehicles will be fitted with generators, but I doubt that they will spell the end for the 626X Generator van's as not all test coaches and/or brake force runner vehicles are through wired for 415volts, therefore certain DBSO's will require there own independent power supplies.

  • SD0853

    8 March 2008, 19:38:02

    Mk3 DVT's could be used in the same roll, but the Mk2 DBSO's are a better vehicle to use as they all ready have things such as toilets and seating area's that would have to be fitted for the crew's, therefore it was easier to convert the DBSO's.

    These coaches are now fitted with a 230v-ac ring main, a full kitchen and a shower as well as retaining a seating area to be used by the train crew for there PnB's

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