Photo of 975000 at Old Dalby test track

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  • Old Dalby test track
  • Exact date unknown - 1979
  • © Dave Coxon


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  • Andrew Harvey-Adams

    24 May 2009, 09:07:58

    Bit 'off-topic'' ,but you don't see many tail-lamps like that one around these days !!

  • Clive Warneford

    9 June 2009, 07:41:48

    Also 'off- topic' you wouldn't expect it to be travelling with the door "on the catch", not setting a good example of safety.

  • kev smith

    9 June 2009, 17:12:36

    like all things doors on catches happen, thats why among other things the green & yellow strip modification was applied to the doors so that offending doors could be caught !!

  • Ben Williams

    9 June 2009, 19:25:24

    I could be wrong but Dave may have just got out of that door to take this photo!

  • Dave Coxon

    9 June 2009, 19:45:26

    The train was stationary whilst test staff made adjustments to the equipment in the 'four foot' out of shot. I took the opportunity to take a photo - a pity I didn't take more opportunities in those halcyon days of the R&DD

    For the whole picture look here - http://www.old-dalby.com/images/Widmerpool%20Straight%20Lab1.jpg

  • Sir Stoat

    18 June 2009, 16:34:35

    do you know what it says on the vestible end...I cant read it with these glasses on

  • Sir Stoat

    18 June 2009, 16:34:49

    do you know what it says on the vestible end...I cant read it with these glasses on

  • Dave Coxon

    18 June 2009, 22:33:35

    It says

    ‘Air braked with spring parking brake. Do not move in RTC without Dynamics Section personnel Tel ext 2841 present’

    ‘Scientific Instruments. Must be handled with care. Must not be loose shunted. Ensure parking and handbrake are off before moving’

    Above the buffer beam ‘100mph’ this is its max permitted speed but it did get dispensation to run faster on occasions

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