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  • 975025 - Inspection Saloon - "CAROLINE"

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  • Ben

    3 March 2003, 09:17:25

    This vehicle was used in the Royal Honeymoon train for Princess Diana and Prince Charles on 29 July 1981.

  • Harold Nicolson

    31 August 2009, 15:00:00

    It was originally built at Eastleigh in 1958 to Hastings gauge as DEMU buffet vehicle no. S 60755 which was converted to Inspection Saloon 'CAROLINE'. Vehicle type AZA no. DB 975025 was designated in 1969.

  • Jon Horswell

    31 August 2009, 17:49:54

    Anyone know who CAROLINE is?

  • SD0853

    31 August 2009, 19:12:48

    You mean you don't know who Caroline is? lol. Everyone knows that!

  • Jon Horswell

    31 August 2009, 19:15:05

    No. I know Caroline is 975025 but who is the vehicle named after. And Amanda for that matter.

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