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Photo of 975076 detail at Great Central Railway (North) Ruddington

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  • 975076 - Tribometer Autotrailer

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  • Phil Scott

    5 November 2005, 17:06:01

    The cab of this coach looks very similar to that of a Class 302/307 or EPB electric multiple unit. Was a cab from an EMU grafted on or was it just converted from the corridor connection?

    What is the plan for this vehicle in preservation - could it be used as a driving trailer in push-pull mode?

  • Peter Cummings

    8 November 2005, 22:15:52

    With appropriate wiring, no reason at all why it couldn't become a DT.

    It would not be the first.

    The Mid-Norfolk ( or whatever it was called in its County School phase) had a coach converted for this purpose. It may be at Dereham now.

    Mk2 BSK, IIRC, whose ID escapes me at the mo.

  • Chris Thorn

    10 July 2006, 20:32:43

    No cab was grafted on as the handrails in their original positions. The gangway opening was resheeted and various EMU style window frames fitted. The Mid Norfolk DBSO went to Eastco at Lenwade before being bought by Grimsby and Louth Rly.

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