Photo of 975081 at Derby RTC

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  • 975081 - Structure Gauging Train Driving & Instrumentation coach. Formerly Laboratory 17 "Hermes"

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  • Derby RTC
  • 5 June 1986
  • © Colin J. Marsden


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  • Jack Deeth

    8 July 2006, 19:07:03

    Would I be right in thinking this is a 4TC DTS conversion?

  • michael costar

    6 October 2006, 16:09:38

    No, this is a former MK1 BSK that was converted in the style of a 1963 southern region emu.

  • p calderwood

    6 June 2008, 00:57:46

    Hi, i,m in the process of modelling the structure gauge train,i,m nearly finished this project but the only thing holding me back from completing 975081 is the bogies,i was wondering if anyone knows what they are ? thanks.

  • Napster

    6 June 2008, 16:13:48

    975081 has SRB5 bogies. Not be really knowing much about this, I guess it means Southern Region B5 bogies.

  • Tony Walmsley

    7 June 2008, 08:13:21

    I agree it has SR B5 bogies now, but the older photographs suggest it had Commonwealth bogies some time ago.

  • SD0853

    7 June 2008, 08:57:51

    Up until around 1997 I think Hermes had Commonwealth Bogies. I'm not 100% sure, but I get the impression that they were exchanged for B5's for standardisation as all of the loco hauled test/IM fleet (other than the UTU coaches, that run on MK5 power bogies) use either B4 or B5 bogies

  • p calderwood

    10 June 2008, 18:41:08

    many thanks for the info on bogies for 975081 this has been useful.

  • Harold A. Nicolson

    10 June 2008, 18:55:02

    It was nice to see background is Inspection Saloon probable be 999501,2,3 or 4?

  • Napster

    12 June 2008, 14:08:19

    If it was any of that series, I would imagine that it is 999508, the Track Inspection Coach, but it doesn't look like a mk.1 saloon, the pipes on the front would suggest that it is DM45026 or the like.

  • Harold A. Nicolson

    14 June 2008, 16:02:42

    Apparently Inspection Saloon No. is 999502 and now in Bo'ness.

  • Martin Barnsdall

    15 December 2013, 11:46:06

    Without wishing to ignite any further controversy regarding this coach, I note that various Ian Allan Combine Volume list this as a DTC off a 4 VEP for some years from mid 1970's onwards. Obviously this can't be correct as the doors are all wrong and the coach is listed as a BSK conversion for which the doors are correct with a few additions.

    To me it does look like the coach has had a 'face' transplant with a VEP!

  • Jon Horswell

    15 December 2013, 20:34:49

    I think it has been mentioned already on this website somewhere, but this BSK had a cab built into it from scratch, no grafting, so as to give the tribometer train a rear driving car to save the cost of operating a top-tail formation. I am not actually saw it could be 'driven' as such, just that the controls acted in a supervisory way something like the modern day PCV conversions of class 307 driving vehicles for Rail espress systems.

    I no doubt will be corrected if I am wrong however by someone more familiar with the vehicle.

    On a secondary point, the expansion of the net and modern day communication has allowed the previously erroneous knowledge of yesteryear to be put right. Ian Allan and other publishers took what they saw, or were told as gospel with perhaps little or no way of confirming. The good work of them in the past, can now be put right by this website and its sister OTP.

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