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  • 975278 - Laboratory 15 - APT Catering Vehicle Mock Up

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  • London Marylebone
  • 9 December 1973
  • © Dave Mant


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  • Ben Williams

    18 November 2006, 23:10:30

    Does anyone know any more about this vehicle please? and why it was at Marylebone on this occasion?

  • Tim Robbins

    20 November 2006, 19:25:41

    It is a unique vehicle, being the Cravens open First (formerly E3082), one of the 1957 Prototypes. There are a couple of excellent illustrations of it, and a description of the novel interior, in the HMRS book on the Mk1's. I don't know what it's departmental role was, or why it was at Marylebone - maybe for inspection by staff from Board HQ, which was just across the road ?

  • Dave Mant

    20 November 2006, 23:55:12

    Also of interest is the coach behind W80976W which is in my records as Marylebone TOPS control at the time. Under 975278 I just recorded that it was an experimental vehicle.

  • John Turner

    23 June 2017, 14:52:03

    This was one of two concept coaches built by Cravens, being their contribution to the "1957 Prototypes", where British Rail invited coach builders to offer improvements on the basic Mk1 coaches. 3082's mate was Second Open (SO) 4638, which was withdrawn in 1971, still painted maroon, and soon after scrapped. However, 3082 survived, and was sent to Derby RTC, for various experiments, one side was even painted in APT livery as a test, presumably on account of the modern-looking windows.

    The Western Region ended up acquiring many of the 1957 Prototypes, and images show this vehicle and W3083 at Newton Abbot around 1970, no doubt on holiday trains. According to Parkin, the Cravens pair were initially used between Euston and Liverpool. Transfer to BR(WR) was probably in the late 1960s.

    Even though this is a Mk1 vehicle, it's side profile is non-standard, as are the external doors, so spare parts could be a problem, and probably lead to early withdrawal.

    W3082 was eventually converted to DB975278 (Lab coach 15) during 1973 at BREL Derby Litchurch Lane, and was used as the APT Catering Vehicle mock-up, sometimes at Marylebone where a catering training school was based in the 1970s

    The coach was finally withdrawn during 1986 and cut at Vic Berry's, Leicester in May 1987.

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