Photo of 975535 at Carnforth Bottom End Sidings

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  • 975535 - CE Staff, Dormitory & Tool coach

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  • ian saunders

    27 September 2007, 16:46:41

    surprising doesn't appear to have suffered much vandalism after having spent such a length of time dumped on a siding, could still be a candidate for preservation.

  • Ben Williams

    30 September 2007, 13:00:53

    Yeah I've definitely seen worse!

  • Ben Williams

    5 April 2008, 20:29:57

    This has now moved to the WCRC site so is now presumably owned by them...

  • Jon Horswell

    6 April 2008, 12:26:19

    Do we know if it would have made the short move by rail. Would it be allowed these days?

  • kev

    6 April 2008, 18:10:44

    yep as long its all secured, it its axles uat'ed, brakes active etc - should have been ok to move by rail !

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