975539 & 975349

Photo of 975539 & 975349 at Doncaster

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  • 975349 - CE Inspection Unit (with DB975539)
  • 975539 - CE Inspection Unit (with DB975349)

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  • Jon Horswell

    4 June 2007, 23:49:59

    Anybody know why this unit had a red cantrail strip. I assume that it denoted its departmental status.

  • Malcolm Lucas

    6 February 2010, 19:10:39

    This unit later received a strange version of what can only be described as a "reversed regional railways-type" livery. Did it survive into preservation? The GRCW style has a pleasant old-fashioned look about it.

  • paul

    6 February 2010, 21:07:09

    I thought the unit which received the livery modifications referred to above circa 1985 was DB 975637 & DB 975664 which were I believe were disposed of by Mayer Newman? at Snailwell, after a period dumped at Cambridge after withdrawal. I am not sure where DB 975349 & DB 975539 were disposed of but the presence of blue asbestos in both units sealed their fate. I thought DB 975349 & DB 975539 remained as pictured until disposed of.

  • Bill McTavish

    7 February 2010, 09:47:30

    If only you could search for each vehicle's disposals on this website eh?!

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