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  • 975597 - Network Rail De-icing & Sandite Unit 930008

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  • Martin Allen

    18 May 2009, 12:17:16

    Not as it appears, an ex. 4-EPB vehicle. Built at Eastleigh as a 4-SUB in 1941, lot number 1060, diagram 119, traffic number 10987. "Upgraded" at Selhurst Depot circa. 1973 to comply with EPB controls.

    Worked as a de-icer with ADB 975596, 4-SUB 10844 of 1948, lot number 3384, diagram 119.

  • Tony Walmsley

    19 May 2009, 09:47:28

    My records have the following:

    10987 was introduced into service in 1946 as part of unit 4124 and withdrawn in 1976. I have it as diagram 2120 (maybe that's the SR diagram).

    It's partner 10844 was to diagram 2126.

    Conversion took place over the winter of 1978/79.

  • Martin Allen

    20 May 2009, 19:40:00

    Dear Tony,

    I checked my notes and have the details as I quoted above, but that's not to say who is right!

    My notes (which came from "official" sources) also state that the unit gained Departmental status on 30-6-79 and withdrawl took place on 18-7-03.

    Not sure about the diagram numbers as I don't have copies to hand, but I guess that the diagrams 2120 and 2126 are the Departmental versions?

  • Tony Walmsley

    24 May 2009, 11:12:14

    Units 4101 to 4130 were ordered in the same lot 1060 as you quote, but only unit 4101 was actually built in 1941, the remainder followed after the war due to material and labour shortages.

    My records have diagrams 2120 and 2126 as the original SR diagrams (they were different as 10987 had a semi-saloon interior whereas 10844 had individual compartments. I think later BR diagrams in the form EAnnn were issued, but I don't know the numbers - but they would have differentiated between the semi-saloon and compartment versions.

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